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The Wisdom of the Suspension Bridge

I want to tell you something that may surprise you. If you're making a trip to San Francisco and you want the safest place to go, you go to the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge. That will withstand probably 9.0 on the Richter Scale. It's a magnificent structure. It will not fall, for two reasons. One, it's flexible. That sway. But I'll tell you another reason it stands: That bridge is a marvel of cantilever and suspension in construction.

Every bit of concrete, and all the macadam and that pavement, and every bit of steel in that entire bridge--all of it relates one piece to another. Every piece of metal in that bridge finally relates to two giant cables, that finally come up to two great piers that go down into bedrock, and two anchors out on each side. That's the genius of a suspension bridge--every single piece of metal, every single piece of concrete, is preoccupied with its foundation. And it's satisfied with the foundation. You don't see big, huge cables going from the top of the bridge over the Trans-America Tower, or over to redwood trees over Marin County; you don't have that. They decide to trust the pure living rock that those great piers go into.

And that's what the parable of the wise and foolish builders is all about. This parable is about finding a foundation to build your life on.

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