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Sermon Illustrations about Mystery

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Mystery to help bring your sermon to life.

Hunt for Loch Ness Monster Succeeds-Kind Of

The legend of the Loch Ness monster in Scotland has intrigued millions of people for almost a hundred years—and it's not stopping now. A group ...

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Unsolved Mystery on Easter Island

Do mysteries ever just drive you crazy? It's even worse when they happen in real life. Recently, new developments have arisen in the swirl of conspiracies ...

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Distracted People Miss Clown on Unicycle

As [one researcher has] described it, our brain blinds our mind to the unusual. For instance, in one study, researchers put a clown on a unicycle in ...

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Cat Crosses Street with Authority of NYPD

To illustrate the point that God does actually prevent a lot of terrible things from happening that we're not aware only to get no credit for it, retired ...

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Molecules Help Young Muslim Embrace the Trinity

In his book Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, Nabeel Quershi explains how an insight from organic chemistry helped him, as a young Muslim, to accept the truth ...

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Curious Reporter Investigates Her Own Marriage Proposal

"As a reporter, I pride myself on being able to get to the bottom of things," says Maryanne Firth, a writer for Ontario, Canada's Welland ...

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Bill Gates Answers "Do You Believe in God?"

In a recent Rolling Stone interview, the richest man in the world, Bill Gates, 58, was asked "Do you believe in God?" Gates said that he believes science ...

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Strange Measurements Can't Help Us Measure God

Humans have devised many scales of measurement. We measure height or length in terms of inches, yards, and meters. We weigh objects in pounds and ounces. ...

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Your Brain Has 500 Trillion Connections

Your body, including your brain, is fearfully and wonderfully made. In the book Does My Goldfish Know Who I Am? science writer Joshua Foer explains ...

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Sending Tweets to Aliens

Is there something or Someone out there who is really listening to us? Does anyone care beyond our little planet? Apparently, a group of techies and scientists ...

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