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Cat Crosses Street with Authority of NYPD

To illustrate the point that God does actually prevent a lot of terrible things from happening that we're not aware only to get no credit for it, retired minister Bob Russell wrote the following:

J. Wallace Hamilton (a famous preacher from the mid-20th century) used to tell about a mother cat, with a baby kitten in her mouth, trying unsuccessfully to get across a busy New York City intersection. She would meander timidly out into the traffic and then dart back to the curb when nearly hit by a passing car. A traffic policeman in the center of the intersection, seeing her plight, thrust up his hands to stop traffic in both directions. The anxious cat scampered across to the other side and disappeared down an alley.
Hamilton pointed out that the cat had no idea that the authority of the New York City Police Department had been called upon to enable her to get safely across the street. Then he added, "I wonder how many times the mighty hand of God goes up to get us safely to where he wants us to be and we're not even aware of it."

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