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Curious Reporter Investigates Her Own Marriage Proposal

"As a reporter, I pride myself on being able to get to the bottom of things," says Maryanne Firth, a writer for Ontario, Canada's Welland Tribune. "I like a good mystery and I like it even more when I can solve it before anyone else. But for once, I'm glad the secret was kept."

Firth's curiosity was piqued when mysterious pink hearts began appearing around her city. Soon, new signs appeared to accompany them, with the name of a local park, a date, and a time. Unable to resist the mystery, Firth took her camera and went sniffing for a story. And a story there was. She found a small crowd in the park on a rainy afternoon, surrounding a man in a suit, wearing a box on his head. He was handing flowers to the onlookers, and gave one to Firth—then his entire bouquet. The mask came off, and he dropped to one knee. "This was the man who I've loved for the past eight years. Who I've built a life with," Firth said. "This was all for me." She said yes.

Possible Preaching Angle:

Sometimes the "clues" of our lives don't all make sense. They seem more mystery than meaning. But what if, for those of us who choose to follow them, there was the love of our lives—God—waiting for us at the end? His pursuit of us may be strange sometimes, but like the story of an investigative reporter who uncovered her own proposal, it will not be boring.

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