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Uber Names Top Forgotten Items in 'Lost and Found' Index

Uber, the global ride-hailing service which has become a popular alternative to taxis in many cities, recently released some humorous data on items that riders accidentally leave behind in Uber vehicles after they arrive at their destinations. And, as any good technology company should, the analysts seem to have examined the data from every angle to extract any useful information.

For example, the most common items lost include cell phones, rings, keys and wallets. The "most forgetful" U.S. city is Los Angeles. The most forgetful day in 2016 was October 30. Sundays saw the largest average spike in lost wedding dresses, and Tuesdays saw the largest average increase in lost bathing suits. The list rounds off with some of the "most unique" items left behind in Uber vehicles, including: valuable Nordic walking poles, a lobster, corn hole boards, a potted plant, elf cut out, Nintendo, money bag, and a violin.

Potential Preaching Angles: One might wonder what the accumulated data from a "Lost & Found Index" from God's perspective might look like, and who might top the list. Liars? Cheaters? Thieves? Executives? Public servants? Widows? Teachers? Children? Paul's words could round off the list for each one of us: "Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners—of whom I am the worst."

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