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The Repeatedly Lost Sheep

In a YouTube video, a young boy comes across a small sheep stuck headfirst in a long narrow trench which has been dug beside a road. The boy uses his hands and a belt around the leg of the sheep to rescue the trapped sheep.

Immediately on being set free, the sheep takes a few stumbling steps, and then a couple of joyful leaps … only to land headfirst back in the same trench further along the road. The audio then records then sheep baaing helplessly after finding itself right back in the same condition.

Some of the comments that accompany the video make the application very easy:

Duarte Santo – “The story of my life”

Browill9 – “That’s why Jesus called us sheep”

Tim Walker – “Me and Jesus on a regular basis!”

victor carjan – “Jesus said in John 5:14 … Behold, thou art made whole: sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee.”

Keefe Ulmschneider – “This is a great representation of what believers do after Christ Jesus drags us out of the ditch, we fall/ jump right back in and need to be saved again. Wretched sinners we are ...”

You can watch the 29 second video here.


Geerow, “Sheep Gets Stuck And Jumps Back In Ditch,” YouTube (4-18-21)

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