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Sermon Illustrations about Meals

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Meals to help bring your sermon to life.

The Wonder of Bread By the Numbers

3,975 The number of feet of the longest loaf of bread in the world, made at a bakers' party in Portugal in 2005. When sliced, it fed over 15,000 people. ...

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Humanity's History of 'Breaking Bread' Together

A recent (2014) issue of National Geographic explored how sharing food together has always been part of the human story. The article points to a cave ...

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Statistics on How Often We Eat and Diet

According to the USDA, between ages twenty and fifty the average person spends about 28,000 hours eating—over 1160 days. Our daily schedules are ...

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The Under-Appreciated Home-cooked Meal

Research shared by The Smithsonian highlights something that stay-at-home mom's have felt for a long time: home-cooking is a burden on women and under-appreciated ...

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What If You Never Had to Worry about Food?

Imagine if you never had to worry about food again? Imagine if you never had to spend all that time grocery shopping, making the food, eating it with ...

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Food Tastes Blander While Multitasking

An estimated sixty six of Americans watch TV while eating dinner. Sixty five percent eat lunch at their desk. Twenty percent of meals are eaten in the ...

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Native Americans Display Radical Gratitude for Food

Richard Twiss, a Native American Christian pastor, speaker, had a striking way to illustrate the radical gratitude that existed among the Yupik (Eskimo) ...

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The World's Most Expensive Meals

A chart on the Daily Infographic website offers the following list called "The World's Most Expensive Meals":

  • At the Fijimake Gekijyo restaurant in Tokyo you can get a bowl of Ramen for $110.

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'Fast Food Culture' Promotes Impatience

In 1960 McDonald's operated 200 restaurants. By 2012 they had 31,000 restaurants. In 2012 there were more than a quarter-million fast-food restaurants ...

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Research Shows Numerous Benefits from Family Meals

The Council of Economic Advisers to the President reported, "The largest federally funded study of American teenagers found a strong association between ...

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