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Sermon Illustrations about Meals

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Meals to help bring your sermon to life.

Shared Meals Create Opportunities to Share Christ

In his book A Meal with Jesus, Tim Chester shares the following stories about how various church communities in England are sharing Jesus through shared ...

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The Variety of Food Points to God's Goodness

Think of your favorite food. Steak perhaps. Or Thai green curry. Or ice cream. Or homemade apple pie. God could have just made fuel. He could have made ...

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Young Man Finds Christ through an Imperfect Christian Family

Jim Petersen tells the story of Mario, [a friend from South America] with whom he had studied the Bible for four years before Mario became a Christian. ...

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Max Lucado Shares a Meal with a Homeless Man

A few months ago I was sitting at the red light of a busy intersection when I noticed a man walking toward my car. He stepped off the curb, bypassed several ...

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Man Creates a Front Yard Patio to "Fish for People"

Steve Bankes had a remarkably simple idea for reaching out to his neighbors: he decided to put a patio in his front yard. A 2009 Chicago Tribune article ...

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Max Lucado Describes the Power of Practicing Hospitality

In Outlive Your Life, Max Lucado writes:

Long before the church had pulpits and baptisteries, she had kitchens and dinner tables. Even a casual reading ...

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Freed from Ego

A woman said to a guest at dinner, "We say grace at dinner each day to remind us around here that there is something bigger than our egos." ...

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Enjoying God's Blessings

If our Lord is permitted to create nice large pike and good Rhine wine, presumably I may be allowed to eat and drink.

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