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Sermon Illustrations about Leading of the Holy Spirit

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Leading of the Holy Spirit to help bring your sermon to life.

Have You Been Praying for Armadillos?

Christian comedian Ken Davis tells the following story about waiting for a "sign from God." A Christian gets on an empty city bus, walks to rear, and ...

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Painting Shows a Prophet's Change of Course

In the Sacred Museum of the Vatican, there is a sixteenth-century sculpture by Gian Lorenzo Bernini entitled "Habakkuk and the Angel." In this masterpiece, ...

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A Young Boy Obeys His Father in Dangerous Traffic

A number of years ago, our family was in the Dominican Republic on a mission trip. If you've ever driven in a developing country, you know how dangerous ...

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A Horse Listens to His Master in the Film 'War Horse'

The movie War Horse weaves the story of a special bond between a boy and his horse. The film begins in 1912 when a teenager named Albert witnesses the ...

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Market Researcher Explains the Lure of Peer Pressure

Martin Lindstrom, a former market research expert and author of Brandwashed, argues that advertisers know something that human beings have in common with ...

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Trained Elephant Recognizes the Voice of Her Master

Domesticated animals and pets recognize the voice of their master and learn to do so quickly. Charlie Frank raised the elephant Neeta from birth and trained ...

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Visually Impaired Woman Ignores Her Guide Dog

In his book Resolving Everyday Conflict, Ken Sande tells about observing a visually impaired woman who resisted the repeated warnings of her loyal and ...

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Ignoring the Counter-coaching in a Paintball Contest

A few summers ago I watched our 18-year-old son participate in a real X-ball paintball tournament. With sophisticated paintball guns that shoot 13 paintballs ...

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God Supernaturally Provides for Couple's Ministry

Years ago, Dave Phillips and his wife, Lynn, had a talk about the callings they felt God was stirring in them. As they discussed what they were most passionate ...

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A Divine Prompting

I made my pastoral calls in the county hospital and walked back to my car in the parking lot. Just as I reached out to the car door to get inside, I heard, ...

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