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Sermon Illustrations about Leading of the Holy Spirit

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Leading of the Holy Spirit to help bring your sermon to life.

Blind Man Ministered to Thousands

My Uncle Greig suffered from diabetes. Diagnosed as a youngster, the disease progressively worsened until he lost his sight as an adult. At the time he ...

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Missionary Finds Freedom from His Past

In his book When Charity Destroys Dignity, Glenn Schwartz describes how he confronted unresolved inner conflicts. During his time as a missionary in Zambia, ...

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Man Deals with His Anger

Leroy Eims writes:

As a new Christian, I was challenged to apply my weekly Bible study personally. I was working through Colossians. The Holy Spirit caught ...

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Actors Turn Down Famous Roles

Throughout the last century, several actors have turned down roles in movies that eventually became Hollywood legends. For example, Burt Lancaster turned ...

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Chesterton on Atheism

If I did not believe in God, I should still want my doctor, my lawyer, and my banker to do so.

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Chiropractor Led to Minister Through Business

Chiropractor Perry Hefty and his wife, Arlys, wanted to be in what they considered "ministry" for many years. One day when Perry was crying ...

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Schoolteacher Started African Revival

In 1935, Blasio Kugosi, a schoolteacher in Rwanda, Central Africa, was deeply discouraged by the lack of life in the church and the powerlessness of his ...

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"Ray": Ray Charles Learns a New Way to See

Ray is about the trials, challenges, successes, and addictions of the late pianist, singer, and composer Ray Charles. The film shows how Ray compensated ...

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Our Guide through Perils

Bob, my father-in-law, hunts deer every fall in the mountains of north-central California. A number of farmers and ranchers in the area are willing to ...

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