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Man Deals with His Anger

Leroy Eims writes:

As a new Christian, I was challenged to apply my weekly Bible study personally. I was working through Colossians. The Holy Spirit caught my attention with Colossians 3:8: "But now is the time to get rid of anger, rage, malicious behavior, slander, and dirty language." I tried to slide past it, but he kept bringing me back to the words "get rid of anger."

I had a violent temper. Whenever it flared, I'd haul up and bash my fist into the nearest door. Even though I often bloodied my knuckles and once completely smashed a beautiful diamond-and-onyx ring my wife had given me, I couldn't seem to stop. Yet here was God's Word: "Get rid of anger." This wasn't just advice given to the people of Colossae centuries ago. It was God speaking to me right then.

So I made a covenant with God. I promised him I was going to work on it. My first step was to memorize the verse and review it daily. I prayed and asked the Lord to bring this verse to mind whenever I might be tempted to lose my temper. And I asked my wife to pray for me and remind me of this verse if she saw me failing in my promise to the Lord. So Colossians 3:8 became a part of my life and gradually removed that sin from me.

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