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Sermon Illustrations about Labor

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Labor to help bring your sermon to life.

Ranking America's Best and Worst Jobs

An article in Forbes magazine asks, "You may think you have the worst job in America—but are you always on call and facing a deadline, working in ...

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Gallup Poll on the Rise of Disengaged Workers

According to Gallup Poll's 2013 "State of the American Workplace" survey American workers are growing more disengaged from their work. Here's what the ...

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The Stress of Work-Life Imbalance

There's no doubt about it, Americans work hard—or at least they work a lot. An extensive study from 2010 explored the impact of our work habits ...

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The Real Story Behind the Remote Control

Eugene J. Polley lived his entire life in the Chicago area, where he worked for Zenith Electronics for 47 years. Hired as a stock boy during the Depression, ...

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Expert Says Challenges Work Better than Threats

In an interview with Harvard Business Review, psychologist, researcher, and author Daniel Gilbert discussed how managers can motivate their employees. ...

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Summer Job as Greenskeeper Is God's Calling "for This Time"

Perceiving [all] of our labor as a vocation can have a substantial impact on how we go about [any job]. I worked as greenskeeper at a golf course in the ...

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Relationships with Co-workers Linked to Job-related Stress

Your job might be killing you—literally. More specifically, strained relationships with co-workers could be negatively impacting your health and ...

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Mentor Teaches a Teenager about the Value of Service

In his book Leading Across Culture, James E. Plueddemann reflects on an experience that taught him the eternal value of service and working hard—even ...

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Os Guinness Discovers God's Call

In the early days of his Christian life, Os Guinness believed that he had to prove his commitment to Christ by becoming a minister or missionary. So, ...

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Serving God in Your Work

Martin Luther was approached by a working man who wanted to know how he could serve God. Luther asked him, "What is your work now?" The man said, "I'm ...

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