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Sermon Illustrations about Kindness

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Kindness to help bring your sermon to life.

High School Janitor Sets Up Giving Closet to Help Students in Need

High school custodian Carolyn Collins was about to take out the trash in the early morning darkness when she heard a loud knock on the cafeteria door. ...

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Store Clerk's Act of Kindness Rewarded with Car, Tuition

After footage of him and an autistic teenager went viral, a grocery clerk has been gifted with a new car.

Jordan Taylor, 20, had been stocking bottles ...

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Robin Hood Foundation Born from a Simple Act of Kindness

In Chase The Lion, Mark Batterson tells the story of billionaire Paul Tudor Jones, the founder of the Tudor Investment Corporation, who has consistently ...

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Farmer Offers Forgiveness and a Job to Thief

After suffering a string of thefts at his organic farm, Melvin Burns made an unusual offer. He offered the thief a job if he would just return the tools ...

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Homeless Man Hailed as Hero after Manchester Attack

In the midst of the chaos and panic ensuring from the recent bombing at a concert in Manchester, England, an unlikely person is being lauded as a hero ...

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Child Gives Up Stuffed Moose to Keep Police Officer Safe

At a routine traffic stop last year, 5-year old Mackenzie Brown sacrificially gave up her own stuffed moose toy to a Pennsylvania police officer, hoping ...

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Employee's Small Act of Kindness Rewarded By Warren Buffet

Joel Prusak was an employee at the ice cream chain Dairy Queen. One day, as he was serving customers their food, he noticed that a blind man had dropped ...

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David Brooks on 'The Structure of Gratitude'

In his article "The Structure of Gratitude," New York Times columnist David Brooks notes what he's learning about thankfulness:

I'm sometimes grumpier ...

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Nursery Volunteer Reaches Out to Troubled Mom

Pastor Scott Sauls tells a story about an unnamed nursery worker who bumped into a first time visitor named Janet who had dropped her two boys off in ...

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Researcher Tracks the 'Vanishing Neighbor' Effect

Few Americans today say they know their neighbors' names, and far fewer report interacting with them on a daily basis. Pulling data from the General Social ...

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