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Teenager Gives Back with Pandemic Snack Packs

Michael Platt, 15, is an entrepreneur that uses his sweet tooth to make a difference. His business, Michael’s Desserts, uses a one-for-one model where every order sold buys another dessert for someone in need. During the 2020 holiday season, Platt stepped up his efforts by creating and distributing snack packs for kids who aren’t getting enough food while they’re out of school because of the pandemic. Platt said,

My project is packing snack packs for kids who are experiencing food insecurity. A snack pack is a small portable bag of things like protein bars, almonds, jerky, breakfast bars and water enhancer that a kid can have with them to carry them over from meal to meal. I supply these to food pantries so that kids can have them at home when they need them.

Food insecurity has always been a need among children, but Platt stepped up once he realized the pandemic was exacerbating the problem. He said, “COVID has had a really, really big impact on childhood food insecurity, before it was one in seven kids who might be food insecure, now it’s one in four kids who might be food insecure.”

Michael Platt was highlighted as part of Good Morning America’s focus on charitable giving, along several other children and teens doing their part to pitch in. “If we all do everything we can, then we’re taking care of the people around us and making the world an even better place.”

Possible Preaching Angle:

When we are proactive about helping to meet the felt needs of others in our community, we are operating as the hands and feet of Jesus.

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