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Sixth Grader Saves Two Lives in One Day

Dayvon Johnson probably didn’t wake up feeling like a hero. But few would argue that two sets of actions he took that day were anything less than heroic. The sixth grader at Muskogee’s Academy was hailed as a life-saver when a classmate began choking on the cap from a water bottle and stumbled into his classroom. The quick-thinking Johnson moved with alacrity. He performed a quick Heimlich maneuver and the bottle cap popped out of the student’s no-longer-blocked airway. When interviewed by the local newspaper, the eleven-year-old Dayvon said he learned the maneuver on YouTube.

But the life-saving didn’t stop there. Later that same day, Dayvon was walking in his neighborhood and noticed a house that was on fire. He saw an elderly woman trying to escape through her front door. Though the fire was only in the rear of the house, he didn’t want to wait. “I thought ‘oh, she’s not moving fast enough.’ So, I ran across the street and helped her to her truck.”

For his efforts, Dayvon was honored during a local meeting of the Muskogee School Board. School principal Latricia Dawkins said, “He is a dual hero. He is just a kind soul and well-liked by his peers and staff alike.” Also, the local police department proclaimed him as an honorary member of the force.

Dayvon’s mother LaToya Johnson said she was not surprised that her son stepped up the way that he did. She noted that her role-model brother--Dayvon’s uncle--is an EMT (emergency medical technician). However, she’s content to thrive in her own sacred role. “I’m just a proud mom.”

Possible Preaching Angle:

All of us are given opportunities to help others within our vicinity. Our job is to be ready to serve when called upon.

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