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Homecoming Cheerleader Saves Choking Infant

Nicole Hornback was attending the local high school homecoming parade when she noticed her two-year-old son Clarke was choking on a piece of candy. Hornback said, “I was sitting right next to him. I just happened to look over. There was no noise, no coughing, no breathing.” After trying and failing at the Heimlich maneuver, she called out in distress.

Meanwhile, cheerleader Tyra Winters, a senior at Rockwall High School, was waving to the crowd from a float. When she heard the call for help, she immediately leapt into action. Winters explained, “He was turning purple, so I immediately jumped off the float. I ran down to the kiddo, and I was like, ‘I got him.’ I grabbed him from the mom and tilted him and I gave a good three back thrusts and he ended up spitting up.”

“She saved my baby,” said Hornback. “I commend her for being a teenager and being trained.”

Possible Preaching Angle: Anyone can become God's vessel of healing and deliverance; all it takes is being willing to see the need and act accordingly to the Spirit's leading.

Source: Staff, “Rockwall Cheerleader Tyra Winters Saves Choking Toddler During Homecoming Parade,” CBS DFW (10-1-19)

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