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Jay Leno Pretends to Be Boy’s Uncle

A kid was bullied at school because he pretended that the talk show host, Jay Leno, was his uncle. When Leno learned this, he tracked the kid down and drove him to school in his Lamborghini.

Jay Leno said:

I got a letter one day from a kid saying he was in trouble because he had told his friends that I was his uncle and that we would go driving around in my Lamborghini. And his friends all called him a big liar. He wanted to know if I could give him a ride to school one day in my Lamborghini Countach. It so intrigued me that I called the kid, of course speaking to his mother first, and said, why don't we do this next week?

So, I drove out to where the kid lived and picked him up. Then we waited until the opportune time, when most of the buses are in front of the school and all the kids are hanging out and we pull up in front, the doors go up into the sky, the kid goes, '’Bye uncle Jay!'’ And I go, '’OK, Billy, take care, I'll pick you up next week and we'll go driving.’ And of course, all his friends' mouths are hanging open. It was hysterical.

Possible Preaching Angle:

Jesus promises to walk with us every step of our journey. He is caring about our problems and he promises to protect and guide us. We can proudly say, “The King of Kings is my big brother.”

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