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Sermon Illustrations about Jewish People

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Jewish People to help bring your sermon to life.

German Church Facilitates Reconciliation

The first time the town of Tubingen, Germany, expelled all of its Jewish residents was in 1477. It soon became a place where anti-Jewish doctrines thrived, ...

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The Historical Rejection of Christianity

Eighteen hundred years or so of Hebrew history, capped by a full exposition in Jesus Christ, tell us that God's revelation of himself is rejected far ...

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Jews for Jesus Evangelizes New York City

In the summer of 2006, Jews for Jesus concluded a 66-month evangelistic campaign with a month-long New York finale. Two hundred missionaries worked the ...

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Returned Jewels a Message from God?

Canadian diamond merchant Thierry Delisha took a cab to New York City's LaGuardia airport. When he unloaded his bags, he accidentally left behind a satchel. ...

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"Rescuers: Stories of Courage": Children Influenced by Prejudice

The movie Rescuers: Stories of Courage tells the true stories of two women who risked their lives to save Jews in Nazi-occupied Poland and France.

In the ...

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Self-Sacrifice for a Terrorist

Canadian journalist Bronwyn Drainie describes the surprising behavior of a haredi woman—an ultra-orthodox Jew—at a Jerusalem street market. ...

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"Fiddler on the Roof": Can't God Choose Someone Else?

The movie Fiddler on the Roof follows the life of a poor Jewish dairy farmer named Tevye. With his wife and five daughters, Tevye lives in a small Jewish ...

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"School Ties": Careless Words Reveal Prejudice

The movie School Ties is about 1950s small-town, working-class teen, David Greene, who receives a football scholarship to St. Matthews, an exclusive prep ...

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Actor Dyan Cannon: Being Jewish and Following Jesus

In an interview with actor Dyan Cannon, Larry King asks, "Have you left your Jewishness?"

Cannon exclaims, "No! I'm so proud of being Jewish. Are you kidding?" ...

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Rabbi's Opinion of Jesus

In Newsweek, Rabbi Jacob Neusner writes about how he would respond to Jesus had he met him personally 2,000 years ago:

I can see myself not only meeting ...

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