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The 'British Schindler' Dies

Sir Nicholas Winton, famously dubbed the "British Schindler," died at the age of 106. Back in the 1930s he was a young stockbroker in London, but on the cusp of World War II, Winton cancelled a ski vacation to go to Czechoslovakia. Why? Because there were Jewish children that needed to be saved. And save them from the concentration camps he did. He helped 669 Jewish children escape before the border was closed down by Germany. Many of these children have grown up and are known as "Winton's Children."

But even more surprisingly, the world would never have known Winton's real identity if his wife hadn't bumped into a box of notes in their attic. Winton suggested discarding the papers. His wife replied, "You can't throw those papers away. They are children's lives." Although he never really gave a reason for doing it, Winton has said, "Some people revel in taking risks, and some go through life taking no risks at all."


Robert McFadden, “Nicholas Winton, Rescuer of 669 Children From Holocaust, Dies at 106,” The New York Times (7-1-15)

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