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As Survivors Die, Will Memory of the Holocaust Fade?

Every year the memory of the Holocaust fades as the group of living witnesses and firsthand survivors shrinks. A BBC article highlights how Jewish people are actively working to preserve the memories of the genocide. Yishai Szekely, a young doctor who serves in the Israeli military army reserve, explains one way they are trying to keep the stories alive: "Six million is such a huge number, even to think of 1,000 it confuses you. The power is in the name because we don't have much left. That's the only thing we can touch or understand or imagine, our only connection that we could start to make to our past … When you connect to one name, one person to one name, it makes it easier for you to understand."

Possible Preaching Angle:

How can we understand huge issues, like global evangelism, or justice for the oppressed, or help for victims of sex trafficking? Maybe, like Dr. Szekely says, we can connect the huge issues of our day with at least one name, one face, one story.

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