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Sermon Illustrations about Humanity

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Humanity to help bring your sermon to life.

Writers Prevent Denial

Cultures are always dancing with denial. Writers tap us on the shoulder and say, "May I cut in?"

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Hopefulness of Sin

Sin is the best news there is… because with sin, there's a way out.… You can't repent of confusion or psychological flaws inflicted by your parents—you're ...

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All Cultures Exploit People

The difference between Western culture and other cultures is that in the West human beings exploit other humans beings, whereas elsewhere in the world, ...

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Unknown Peril in Culture

In Into Thin Air, Jon Krakauer tells of his harrowing experience climbing Mt. Everest. On May 10, 1996, Krakauer made it to the top. He paused only for ...

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Sin Outlawed . . . Again

A news article about the religious history of the Chicago area began with this paragraph about Zion, a small town north of the city: "Rev. John Alexander ...

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Vulnerability of God

World War II was drawing to a close. The German army was sending children to man the lines in a futile effort to stop the allied invasion into their homeland. ...

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Jesus: Human and Divine

If we had been told that God was coming into a man's life… that must be something very terrible and awful. That certainly must rend and tear ...

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Value of a Person

What is the value of a person? Can we measure this value by a paycheck, a retirement benefit, or a stock option?

Some years ago I purchased a Hummel Christmas ...

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Intrigue of Evil

In The Divine Intruder, James R. Edwards writes:

In imaginary works it is difficult to make virtuous characters as believable and attractive as bad characters. ...

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Augustine's Joy in Sin

Once, during the holidays, [before his conversion, early church father] Augustine robbed a pear tree. He tells of the event with a quite extraordinary ...

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