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Value of a Person

What is the value of a person? Can we measure this value by a paycheck, a retirement benefit, or a stock option?

Some years ago I purchased a Hummel Christmas plate for my wife, Judy. The price was $21.95. It was the first Christmas plate produced by the famous German firm, and the store clerk assured me it would increase in value. Recently Judy and I attended an antique auction and were surprised to see a Hummel Christmas plate just like ours being sold for more than $1,000. What was it about the plate that caused this remarkable growth in value? Its substance had not changed, and it was not more beautiful. It had not changed size. But it was in greater demand. The original mold had been broken. Now only a limited number of plates were available, with no opportunity for replacement. All of these factors had contributed to an increased value.

So it is with humanity: there is only one mold per person and no opportunity for replacement.

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