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Sermon Illustrations about Humanity

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Humanity to help bring your sermon to life.

Mel Gibson Nailed Jesus to the Cross

Hollywood star and director Mel Gibson felt called by God to make his film The Passion of the Christ, a portrayal of the final 12 hours of Jesus' ...

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David Letterman Intrigued by Meaning of Life

Late-night TV talk host David Letterman interviewed an extreme mountaineer named Aron Ralston. According to the Chicago Tribune, Ralston used a pocketknife ...

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Recall Notification

Recently I received in the mail a recall notice. It looked like a recall notice regarding my automobile. This one was different, much more personal. Stamped ...

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Administering Medicine Through Skin

Our skin is soft, like tightly woven fabric. It appears porous from the outside—with millions of tiny openings that ooze sweat. But you might be ...

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Our Tendency to Exclude

Our fallenness makes us want to be a part of not just any group, but an exclusive group. By definition, every society includes people who connect, who ...

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No Middle Ground in Middle Earth

Behind The Lord of the Rings epic trilogy is The Silmarillion, another of Tolkien's works, which explains the formation of Middle Earth and depicts ...

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"Lord of the Rings": Overcoming Adam in Us

In The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, Christian author J. R. R. Tolkien portrays the classic conflict between good and evil set in a mythical ...

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Human Capacity for Evil

Perhaps belief in the biblical doctrine of depravity is making a comeback. Even before the September 11 attack on America, a Newsweek cover story focused ...

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Oskar Schindler Falls to Temptation

Recent anniversary celebrations of the World War II liberation of Europe have again put before our eyes the victims and the heroes of the Holocaust. I ...

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"Dorian Gray": Picture of Sin

Dorian Gray, based on an Oscar Wilde novel, is about a young, hedonistic British aristocrat of the late 1800s, Dorian Gray, who commissions his friend, ...

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