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Sermon Illustrations about Harmony

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Harmony to help bring your sermon to life.

Bad Relationships Are Bad for Your Health

Researchers from the University of Utah found there's a price to pay when couples don't get along. 150 husbands and wives were recorded discussing ...

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How Tuning Forks Produce Tone

Consider a tuning fork. It delivers a true pitch by two tines vibrating together. Muffle either side, even a little, and the note disappears. Neither ...

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The Miracle of Reconciliation

One sign and wonder, biblically speaking, that alone can prove the power of the gospel is that of reconciliation. ... Hindus can produce as many miracles ...

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God's Spirit of Order

Locusts legion, they do not crowd upon each other, so as to throw their columns into confusion. This remarkable fact in natural history shows how thoroughly ...

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The Church and Marriage

As marriage is a metaphor for the church, so the church is a metaphor for marriage. The church has a unity we are to preserve. The church has a diversity ...

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Fire-Starters or Firefighters?

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported that firefighters in Genoa, Texas, were accused of deliberately setting more than forty destructive fires. When ...

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God's Gift of a Pious Wife

It is no small gift from God to find a wife who is pious and easy to get along with.

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