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Christians Must Not Resemble the NFL All-Stars

We ought not be like players on the NFL all-star team. Every year the NFL has the all-star selection. They choose the best players from the league, and they are appointed to their respective division's teams. It's interesting that each division team wears the same colored jersey. So the NFC has on, say, blue, and the AFC has on white. But it's striking that though they all wear the same jersey, they don't really play for that team. They all have different helmets. They wear the helmets of the team they really play for, the folks who pay them the big contract. So when they come to the all-star game, they don't really hit hard or run hard. They play gingerly because they don't want to "mess up my contract." They really play for the team they came from.

It strikes me that so often we're like NFL players on the all-star team. We wear jerseys that say "Christ," but we wear a helmet that says "Ethnic culture." That's the team we play for. That's the side we're on. "After we finish this little thing, I'm gonna go back and play with my squad. I'm not gonna run hard with those not on my squad." We need to flip that, and it is the gospel that enables us to do that.

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