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Sermon Illustrations about Fellowship with God

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Fellowship with God to help bring your sermon to life.

To Know Him Is to Serve Him

The proportion in which I know my Lord is the proportion in which I am prepared to serve Him. Is it not certain that when I know as I am known I shall ...

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Focused Life

When we were in Scotland, I was working on my Ph.D. thesis, and I was writing a chapter on the theology of Jurgen Moltmann, a contemporary German theologian ...

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Preparing to Meet the Eternal

To follow Christ is to walk with Him first into the presence of His Father. If that is so, we had better know how to act in the divine presence now (in ...

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The Foundation of a Good Marriage

The foundation of our marriage is our commitment to Christ. People may make fun of us or call us old-fashioned, but we won't apologize for our beliefs ...

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The Christian View of God

In Greek literature, Virgil wrote about the plight of humanity and how something new needed to be done to help man out of his predicament. In Greek thought, ...

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The Gift of a Relationship

In Jesus' righteousness the unrighteous are granted, as a gift, relationship with God: a free gift. Mercy took a human face.

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Losing God

Even sermon making, incessant and taxing as an art, as a duty, as a work, or as a pleasure, will harden and estrange the heart by neglect of prayer from ...

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A Mile in Their Shoes

You must live with people to know their problems, and live with God in order to solve them.

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A Need to Experience God

The institutional church in America is filled with religious people who desperately need an experience of the living, holy, forgiving, gracious God.

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Being Surprised by God

Marketplace thought about the presence of God is one of sentimental familiarity. Country-western songs speak of "having a little talk with Jesus" ...

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