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Sermon Illustrations about Disobedience

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Disobedience to help bring your sermon to life.

Beyond Me-ism

We are designed with a great capacity for God; and sin and our individuality are the things that keep us from getting at God. God delivers us from sin: ...

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Lot's Wife

Anthony, my four-year-old grandson, was excited about the story he had learned at Christian day school. "Grandma," he said enthusiastically, "it's about ...

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Ignoring the Still, Small Voice

My five-year-old daughter, Barbara, had disobeyed me and had been sent to her room. After a few minutes, I went in to talk with her about what she had ...

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Taking Dad's Advice

When I was getting my driver's license, my father tried to give a short lecture on car maintenance. He said one sentence that still bugs me: There's one ...

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Wanting What's Right

When we have the feeling that on some occasion we have disobeyed God, it simply means that for a time we have ceased to desire obedience.

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When the Law Breaks the Law

Hurrying my 11-year-old daughter to school, I turned right on red where it was prohibited. "Uh, oh," I said, realizing my mistake. "I just ...

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Bonhoeffer on Disobedience

Disobedience, as well as obedience, has the power to transform a person completely. Through disobedience in a particular decision, one can falsify the ...

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Losing Peace and Joy

I remember talking to a girl here in this church two or three years ago. She said, "Jill, I've lost my joy, I've lost my peace, and I want ...

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Forgiveness Must Be Unconditional

A man came into my study not too long ago. His daughter was going to marry a young man he didn't like. (I too thought the young man was a turkey, ...

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Taken for a Ride

At the elementary school where I teach, we recently had a problem with students throwing rocks. The principal made an announcement over the intercom warning ...

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