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Sermon Illustrations about Disobedience

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Disobedience to help bring your sermon to life.

Hearing and Obeying

Robert Kupferschmid was an 81-year old with no flying experience. However, due to a tragic emergency, he was forced to fly an airplane. On June 17, 1998, ...

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Seared Conscience

During my college years—in my infinite wisdom—it occurred to me that it made no sense to stop at red traffic lights when there was clearly ...

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Actions Show Beliefs

Your behavior is a reflection of what you truly believe.

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Parachutist Perishes

Jan Davis, 60, a professional veteran parachutist, was involved in a dangerous sport called BASE jumping—leaping off fixed objects like cliffs and ...

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"Daddy, I'm Pregnant"

"I'm pregnant."

After Cori, my 21-year-old, unwed daughter, said those words, I went through all kinds of emotions.

Yes, it would be embarrassing. ...

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He's a Little Disappointed

When I was staying with a neighbor's five- and seven-year-olds I heard a squeal coming from the next room--then Becky's voice, "Mike, God doesn't love ...

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Worshiping the Wrong Monarch

The majority of us do not enthrone God, we enthrone common sense. We make our decisions and then ask the real God to bless our god's decision.

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Diminishing Christ

The chief way you and I are disloyal to Christ is when we make small what he intended to make large.

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Humor: A Real Spectacle

True story:

In Tampa, Florida, Antonio Valdez Jr. was charged with driving without wearing his glasses.

A few weeks later, on his way to court to face ...

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Obedience Means Rhythm

When the heart's wrong, there can't be peace. Selfishness is a gangrene, eating at the very vitals. Sin is a cancer, poisoning the blood. Peace ...

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