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Sermon Illustrations about Desire, spiritual

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Desire, spiritual to help bring your sermon to life.

Finding True Joy in Christ

Pastor Tim Keller used the following example to show how to find ultimate joy and satisfaction in Christ:

Do you remember when your mother used to say, ...

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First Time of Communion Changes Woman's Life

In her memoir Take This Bread, author Sara Miles shares how the first time she ever took Communion changed her life forever. She writes:

One early, cloudy ...

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A Marriage Meltdown Turns Out for the Best

When I got home from [a] mountaintop weekend [that had changed my life, drawing me closer to Christ], I was excited to share with Nancy what had happened. ...

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John Ortberg on the Importance of Spiritual Weaning

Stillness is always a prerequisite for receptivity. Telephones and television sets cannot receive messages when they are too filled with static and noise. ...

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Hospital CEO Does Whatever It Takes to Find Patient's Lost Ring

In his book Are You Fascinated? management consultant Ken Tucker shares a story about the great lengths a person will go to find something of great value: ...

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Choosing Junction City, Kansas, Over Disney World

My pastor decided to pull a vacation surprise on his four children. "We're going to Junction City, Kansas," Peter told them. "It's ...

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The Importance of Intentionality

Alan Kraft writes in “Good News for Those Trying Harder”:

Not long ago, I read that a person my age should drink 16 glasses of water a day. ...

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How the Internet Creates a "Permanent Puberty of the Mind"

Before Shane Hipps became a Mennonite pastor, he was a former strategic planner in advertising. In both vocations, he has learned a great deal about how ...

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Our Preposterous Fantasies

God has made [our] fantasies … so preposterously unrewarding that we are forced to turn to him for help and for mercy. We seek wealth and find ...

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Lent: Cleaning Out the Hidden Corners of Our Hearts

In the daily round of life, dust and cobwebs accumulate in our souls. The hidden corners of our hearts become encrusted with grime or filled with forgotten ...

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