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Sermon Illustrations about Desire, spiritual

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Desire, spiritual to help bring your sermon to life.

Musician Father John Misty on His Christian Upbringing

In an interview with Rolling Stone, singer-songwriter-guitarist J. Tillman (now known as "Father John Misty") was asked: "You were raised in an evangelical ...

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Hopelessly Hooked on Media

Americans spend an average of five and a half hours a day with digital media, more than half of that time on mobile devices, according to the research ...

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The Joys in Heaven Go on Forever

This world and its history are prelude and foretaste; all the sunrises and sunsets, symphonies and rock concerts, feasts and friendships are but whispers. ...

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Kill Weeds by Growing Healthy Grass

A few years ago, marriage and family expert Greg Smalley noticed weeds sprouting up amongst the healthy grass in his yard. Smalley went to a hardware ...

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How You'd Live after a Peek into Heaven

Author Peter Kreeft asks us to imagine the day when sin, death, and evil are finally defeated by Christ:

Suppose God took you on a crystal ball trip into ...

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NASA Sent a Message of Human Longing into Space

In 1977 NASA launched Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 to explore the galaxy. A golden record called The Sounds of Earth was affixed to each of the twin spacecrafts—a ...

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Phillip Yancey on the Rise of Christianity in the Global South

As I travel, I have observed a pattern, a strange historical phenomenon of God "moving" geographically from the Middle East, to Europe to North America ...

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Film Tree of Life Portrays Prayers of Deep Longing

Tree of Life is a film about a 1950s Texas family and their relationships, growing pains, and common life struggles. The oldest of the three boys, Jack, ...

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A Camping Trip Points to Our Longing for Heaven

Paul David Tripp states that the Bible says that the impermanence of life on earth is like dwelling in tents. Tripp writes:

Most of us have no pilgrim ...

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Physical Hunger Parallels Our Desire for God's Presence

Author Frederica Mathewes-Green addresses people who hunger for God's presence but rarely feel it—at least not in dramatic ways. She writes:

My hunch ...

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