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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Debauchery to help bring your sermon to life.

New Types of "Freedom"

Today, "freedom" seems to mean the right to abort one's child or to censor certain lofty ideas from the public schools while tolerating ...

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Insert Meat Hook Here

Police officers see a lot of strange things, but even they were surprised by this one. On July 12, 2004, in the Florida Keys, the Monroe County Sheriff's ...

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The High Cost of Hard Living

Researcher Mark Bellis of Liverpool John Moores University in Liverpool, England, collected statistics concerning 1,064 rock stars from the United States ...

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Age Breakdown in Addiction Programs

In 2008, 5 million people participated in addiction programs because of alcohol or drug abuse. Participants by age:

  • 12–17 years old: 5 percent

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Students Blame Sexual Immorality on Drunkenness

God gives his commands for our good. For example, God forbids drunkenness. Recent studies into drunkenness among college students provide a glimpse into ...

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Famous Painting Pictures Human Folly

I imagine you're familiar with the phrase "ship of fools." It was a common medieval motif used in literature and art, especially religious satire. One ...

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Study Shows the Harm from Long-Term Marijuana Use

A new study from New Zealand concluded that "young people who smoke [marijuana] for years run the risk of a significant and irreversible reduction in ...

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Sports Journalist Notices Athletes' 'Christian Years'

There's a sports personality named Bill Simmons. He's on the television now, but I loved it when he was just a writer. He's coined a few phrases, like ...

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Actor Jeff Bridges Refused Dad's Advice

In an interview for Rolling Stone, actor Jeff Bridges was asked what advice he wished he would have received at age 20. Bridges said:

I got the advice—I ...

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'People' Magazine Tries to Make a 'Sindex'

People magazine once undertook a part-serious, part-tongue-in-cheek survey of its readers on the subject of sin. The results were published as a "Sindex," ...

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