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Sermon Illustrations about Creation

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Creation to help bring your sermon to life.

Now That's Awesome!

The actual scanning of stars for signs of intelligence is a relatively unimaginative exercise that does much less to promote knowledge of our universe. ...

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Human Drama Gone Awry

According to most philosophers, God in making the world enslaved it. According to Christianity, in making it, He set it free. God had written not so much ...

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Created by Love

The beasts of the field say: "Love made me." The birds of the air say: "Love made me." The creatures that swim in the rivers and the ...

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Ordinary Miracles

God's wonderful works which happen daily are lightly esteemed, not because they are of no import but because they happen so constantly and without ...

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The Childlike Joy of Creation

How did God create daisies? I say, "Like a child." You throw a child up in the air or bounce him off your knee. When you sit him on the floor, ...

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Man the Magician

Science enormously emphasizes the unique status of Man. It makes him much more obviously the lord of creation, the measure of all things, the image of ...

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Not Mere Child's Play

In its early stages, science seemed at odds with religion; but this was merely a token of its immaturity. The more familiar story is that of scientists ...

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Meeting God in Space

You might wonder why I believe in heaven in an age like this. One of the Russian cosmonauts came back and said, "Some people say God lives out there. ...

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Message from on High

Each fall I look forward to the call of wild geese, marking the approach of autumn. When I heard the faint, eerie, unmistakable sound once again, I leapt ...

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Getting Married Outdoors

My fiance and I met with our pastor to discuss our upcoming wedding. I wanted an outdoor wedding, but I was hesitant to mention it since a church setting ...

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