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Sermon Illustrations about Creation

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Creation to help bring your sermon to life.

Statistic: Outnumbered by Bugs

Ratio of insects to humans: 200,000,000:1

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Materialist "Miracles"

A number of materialistic thinkers have ascribed to blind evolution more miracles, more improbable coincidences and wonders, than all the teleologists ...

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Where Is God Seen?

There will always be artists whose experience is not necessarily Christian but whose gifts, through common grace, enable them to tell as much truth as ...

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Art in the Shadow

A true work of art is but a shadow of divine perfection.

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His Glory Fills the Earth

In order that we finite beings may apprehend the Emperor He translates His glory into multiple forms--into stars, woods, waters, beasts, and the bodies ...

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More Than Mechanical Idols

We need today a view beyond the gods of technology to the God of Creation.

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Coming or Going?

A little boy was sitting in a Sunday school class, listening to his teacher describe how in the beginning of creation, God made mankind from the dust ...

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The Human Focus

If we decided to examine the universe objectively in the sense of paying equal attention to portions of equal mass, this would result in a lifelong preoccupation ...

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Whose Pluralism?

Recently a biology professor at a state school in California decided evolution was for the monkeys and taught creation in his classes. As a result, the ...

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As the methods of science achieved greater and greater triumphs, both theoretical and practical, the old picture of how things are, the picture derived ...

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