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Sermon Illustrations about Church Growth

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Church Growth to help bring your sermon to life.

Barnabas, Advocate for the Despised

"Barnabas" was actually his nickname, given him by the apostles. It meant "Son of Encouragement," and it was most appropriate.

He was ...

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Titus, Paul's Troubleshooter

Titus probably gets the Pauline service award with 20 years as Paul's co-worker.

Titus was born a Gentile, and when he became a Christian he did not ...

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The Influence of Jesus

Let me quote from the end of Kenneth Latourette's seven-volume history of the expansion of Christianity. Referring to Jesus he says, "No life ...

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The Cutting-Edge Traditional Church

Some forms of next century's church may be remarkably familiar.

On the Near North side of Chicago on Ontario Street is a McDonald's. It has a 1950s ...

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John Mark, First Gospel Writer

Was Mark one of the first people in history to be raised in a Christian home? His mother's home in Jerusalem, where Mark was likely born and raised, ...

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The "Good Life"

Prosperity has often been fatal to Christianity, but persecution never.

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Miracles in Northern China

In recent years many studies have focused on what's taking place in Communist China among Christians. The reason people are studying is because when ...

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The Pastor's "Can" and "Can't"

I cannot fill the sanctuary with people, but I can fill the service with purpose. I cannot convince people they are sinners, but I can confess that I ...

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