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Sermon Illustrations about Church Growth

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Church Growth to help bring your sermon to life.

Convince Them with Joy

If we can convince people that we are onto something that's full of joy, they'll stampede one another to follow us.

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Sacrificing Quietly

Jim Montgomery is a missionary. He once taught high school in San Jose, California. I remember when the Lord called him. After he was in the Philippines, ...

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Church Growth, Church Depth

I heard of a preacher the other day who was asked, "What's the size of your pastorate?" he said, "Twenty-five miles wide and one inch ...

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Two-Way Ticket

While it is a crucial mistake to assume that churches can be on an outward journey without being on an inward one, it is equally disasterous to assume ...

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Candace, Queen of Ethiopia

Candace was a queen of Ethiopia, the one mentioned in (Acts 8:27) in the story of Philip witnessing to an Ethiopian eunuch who was this queen's treasurer. ...

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The True Need of the Church

Somehow we have to make disciples instead of inspiration junkies.

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Our Real Business

The medical world is looking for somewhere to refer people, but they think our business is religion. Our business is life.

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The Welcoming Church Grows

No matter how much the church wants to reach out, growth will not happen if the building and the people fail to say "Welcome!"

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Humor: Church Planting Woes

You Know You're in Church Planting When ...

A baby sneezes in the nursery, and the mother leaves the service to check his health.

You discover you've ...

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Humor: Budget-Conscious Evangelism

Pastor, to sparse congregation in large sanctuary: "God calls us to evangelism! The bank that holds our mortgage has mentioned it, too."

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