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Sermon Illustrations about Church Growth

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Church Growth to help bring your sermon to life.

Growing Saints Takes Time

The church should be a community of dates instead of pumpkins. Pumpkins you can harvest in six months. Dates have to be planted and tended by people who ...

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Belmont Church Mission Statement

The Belmont Church exists to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ, rejoicing in him, as we bring believers to maturity, draw people to Jesus, equip them to serve, ...

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Address the Changing World

If church leaders don't address the changing world, what was once a vital church will become, within a generation, the equivalent of a religious historical ...

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Cancer Cell Ideology

Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell.

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Keeping New Members

Ninety percent of the new members will stay in their congregation if (1) they can articulate their faith; (2) they belong to subgroups (such as a choir, ...

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Forever Out of Step?

The Rev. Greeley's first two laws of church: (1) When other people have abandoned something we discover it; (2) When people discover something wonderful ...

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Desired Attendance

During one service I was complaining to the Lord about the lack of attendance: "Lord, attendance is just not what I'd like it to be." This ...

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Vote Early, Vote Often

"Tell me how we get 100 votes to keep an evening service when only 15 show up."

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Warmth Rather than Light

People join churches more because they want warmth than light. We like to think it's our stunning proclamation of the truth that keeps them in the ...

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Silas, Paul's Co-Author?

Silas is first mentioned at the Council of Jerusalem (49). As "one of the leading men among the brethren," he was chosen as diplomatic envoy ...

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