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Sermon Illustrations about Christ, burden bearer

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Christ, burden bearer to help bring your sermon to life.

Jesus Weeps with Us

In Either Way, I Win: God's Hope for Difficult Times, Lois Walfrid Johnson writes about visiting Oklahoma City, a city that was changed forever by ...

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Even Jesus Needed Rest

When Jesus felt overwhelmed he said to his disciples, "Come away for awhile and rest."

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Pouring a Foundation

When our church organized a work team for a short-term missions trip to Spain, they wanted "skilled" workers, but were willing to take a few ...

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On the Incarnation

The King Visits the Earth:

The champion of orthodoxy on why the Word became flesh.

What was God to do in face of the dehumanizing of humankind, this universal ...

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Jesus Is the Ultimate Counselor

If you were to have psychotherapy, after a brief while you would feel terrific because everything that's negative about you gets transferred over ...

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Excess Baggage

Having traveled full-time for 14 years doing concerts, I should have packing down to an exact science. But it's simply not so. Our family of four ...

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Bearing Another's Burden

In the Philippines I heard a local pastor use the following parable to illustrate Christ's offer of rest (Matthew 11:28) and the response of people ...

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Worship When You Feel Weary

"I can't do it!" I cried to God. "I can't handle the housework, my work, the loneliness of a husband who works so much." Then ...

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Jesus Bore the Nametags of the World

Can I propose that Jesus began his public ministry the same way he ended it? He ended his ministry being crucified, covered with the sins of the world. ...

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