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Sermon Illustrations about Christ, burden bearer

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Christ, burden bearer to help bring your sermon to life.

Man Blessed by Simple Testimony at Post Office

Pete Winn writes in "Citizen Link Update":

I was at the post office in the last days before Christmas. After helping me conduct my lengthy business, ...

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Study Links Washing Hands to Guilt

Researchers at the University of Toronto published data that suggests people experience "a powerful urge to wash themselves" when suffering ...

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Artists Create Exhibit of Others' Sins

The act of confession is now an artistic expression. During the first half of 2006, two performing artists named Laura Barnett and Sandra Spannan created ...

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President Makes Phone Number Public

It sounded like a good idea at the time. When Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono wanted to emphasize his desire to help cut through bureaucracy, ...

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Weightlifter Killed by His Own Weights

David Little was known as a man of strength. This former linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers had an impressive career in the National Football League. ...

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A Historian Examines the Shame of the Cross

History Today magazine took a close look at the shame of Roman crucifixion. The author recognized its reputation: "It was death deserved by the most ...

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Discouraged Woman Learns What Good Shepherds Do

As a young mother, one Christmas brought Brenda Nixon to despair. Amid all the holiday stress, her husband's job was shaky and the grim possibility ...

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George MacDonald on Christ's Sufferings

"The Son of God suffered unto death, not that men might not suffer, but that their sufferings might be like his." —George MacDonald (1824-1905), ...

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Grieving Son Comforted by One Who Understood His Pain

When I was in high school my father passed away rather suddenly. It was just two days before my high school graduation. At that time in my life I was ...

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Mel Gibson's Search Led Back to Christ

At the height of his stardom, Mel Gibson realized he was empty. He had achieved everything he ever hoped for—except a sense of purpose. Gibson felt ...

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