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Sermon Illustrations about Celebrities

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Celebrities to help bring your sermon to life.

Madonna on Materialism

In an interview, Madonna, the self-proclaimed "material girl," commented on her material wealth:

Money is like everything. Money is like sex. ...

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Beatle George Harrison Finds Fame Empty

In 1988 George Harrison, member of the Beatles, told Time magazine:

"At first we all thought we wanted the fame. After a bit we realized that fame ...

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Director Kevin Smith on Being a Hollywood Believer

Kevin Smith, writer, and director on being a believer in Hollywood:

It hasn't been as nice an experience as I'd hoped it would be. I'm a churchgoer. ...

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Grace Overwhelms U2

Bono, lead singer of the band U2, recently said: "The most powerful idea that's entered the world in the last few thousand years—the idea ...

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Randall Cunningham's Testimony

Veteran NFL quarterback, and Christian, Randall Cunningham was recently cut from the Minnesota Vikings (and has been signed by the Dallas Cowboys). He ...

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Chris Rock's Heritage

Vibe magazine interviewed popular comedian and actor Chris Rock. When asked, "Were you raised Christian?" Rock answered:

I wasn't raised ...

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John Lennon's Son, on Dad

I felt he was a hypocrite. Dad could talk about peace and love out loud to the world, but he could never show it to the people who supposedly meant the ...

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The Advantage of Marriage

There's something really great about waking up and knowing somebody loves you and that you love somebody. I know that sounds gooey, but it's true. ...

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The Limitations of Celebrity

As far as I can remember, being a celebrity has never helped me make a good picture, ... or command the obedience of my daughter, or impress my wife. ...

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Jesus, Our Stunt Double

Actor Kevin Bacon recounted when his 6-year-old son saw Footloose for the first time:

He said, "Hey, Dad, you know that thing in the movie where you ...

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