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Sermon Illustrations about Celebrities

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Celebrities to help bring your sermon to life.

Alonzo Mourning Relishes Second Chance

Alonzo Mourning terrorized and dominated many opponents in the National Basketball Association during most of the 1990s. Then Mourning was diagnosed with ...

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Look-Alike Contest Fails to Recognize the Original

Charlie Chaplin was a huge movie star in the silent-picture era. One of the by-products of his popularity were the look-alike contests that sprung up ...

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Jodie Foster's Atheist Upbringing Sparked Religious Interest

"I've been exposed to no religion whatsoever. I'm probably one of the few people that was raised as a true atheist, which, of course, makes ...

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Ben Affleck on His "Fantasy" Life

In an interview, movie star Ben Affleck was asked, "Can you at least touch on the idea of sex in Hollywood? To most men around the world, you're ...

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Sean Penn Connects Mystery with Truth

When everything gets answered, it's fake—the mystery is the truth.

—Actor Sean Penn

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Ben Stein on Life's True Priorities

Author and actor Ben Stein wrote a column published by E!Online for nearly eight years. Titled "Monday Night at Morton's," the column detailed ...

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Pop Star Influenced by Madonna

Do pop personalities and movie stars have that much influence on the lives of children and teens? Consider the remarks made by Pink, a popular recording ...

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Michael Reagan Transformed by God's Love

Michael Reagan is the adopted son of the late former president, Ronald Reagan. Born to an unwed mother, Michael was adopted at birth by Reagan and his ...

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Gene Hackman Remembers His Father Leaving

Most of us know Gene Hackman as a versatile and successful actor. The highlight of his career came as winner of the Oscar for best actor in The French ...

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Mel Gibson's Search Led Back to Christ

At the height of his stardom, Mel Gibson realized he was empty. He had achieved everything he ever hoped for—except a sense of purpose. Gibson felt ...

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