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Sermon Illustrations about Business

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Business to help bring your sermon to life.

Conformity Crushes

Strangely, the expounders of many of the great new ideas of history were frequently considered on the lunatic fringe for some or all of their lives. If ...

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When Good Business Is Bad Business

The church appears to be adopting the principles and practices of big business and finding these practices very effective.

Now there is nothing wrong with ...

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The Christian's Bottom Line

For the Christian, the bottom line can never be the bottom line.

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Bedrooms and Boardrooms

The Church is uncommonly vocal about the subject of bedrooms and so singularly silent on the subject of boardrooms!

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"Just Good Business"?

The phrase "It's just good business" is often used to excuse an act or practice that, when examined critically, could scarcely be called ...

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Puritan Economics

American Puritans were hardworking but not capitalists in the modern sense. They placed common welfare ahead of self-interest and set modest caps on profit-making. ...

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The Workaholic's Loss

Perpetual devotion to what man calls his business is only to be sustained by perpetual neglect of many other things.

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Danger of Doing Too Much

There is a danger of doing too much as well as of doing too little. Life is not for work, but work for life, and when it is carried to the extent of undermining ...

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Career from an Eternal Perspective

Career successes and failures--which look so huge in my day-to-day life--take on a much smaller look from an eternal perspective.

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Ed Allen: Redeeming the 19th Hole

"It's the toughest decision I ever made," says Ed Allen, a West Virginia native and former golf pro. "All my friends thought I was ...

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