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Sermon Illustrations about Business

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Business to help bring your sermon to life.

The Advantages of Material Success

Undoubtedly people feel those who have made it in the marketplace have more of everything to contribute.

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When Good Business Is Bad Business

The church appears to be adopting the principles and practices of big business and finding these practices very effective.

Now there is nothing wrong with ...

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Busyness as Addiction

The Desert Fathers (a protest movement against worldliness in the early church) spoke of busyness as "moral laziness." Busy-ness can also be ...

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The Real Bottom Line

Nobody on his deathbed ever said: "I wish I'd spent more time at the office."

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Never Be Too Busy for God

No one should ever be too busy or pressured or tired to make a time and place for God in their lives. After all, he has to manage the whole world, and ...

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A Nation Built on Hope

This nation was built by the power of hope. No painter ever set brush to canvas, no writer ever set pen to paper, no builder ever set brick on brick, ...

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Gambling with Big Money

On February 26, 1995, Barings, the oldest bank in Britain, announced it was seeking bankruptcy protection after losing nearly one billion dollars in a ...

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Bureaucracy in the Body

I sense that we are allowing business terms to creep into our language. ... I am convinced that because language shapes our thinking and actions, we change ...

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Preventing Emergencies

One of the tests of leadership is to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency.

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Dissatisfied Customers

According to the Research Institute of America's recent study, here's what service-providing organizations can expect from dissatisfied customers: ...

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