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Sermon Illustrations about Business

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Business to help bring your sermon to life.

Lear Jet CEO Chooses Integrity over Profit

Bill Lear was devastated when he learned that two Lear aircraft had crashed under mysterious circumstances. He'd developed the plane to offer business ...

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How Good Executives Become Corrupt

Jim Collins, best-selling business author, writes about the crisis of business ethics in the wake of the bankruptcies at Enron and Worldcom. He describes ...

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Shareowners Influence Corporate Leaders

When we own individual stocks, exercising our shareowner rights—writing letters, voting proxies, and filing shareholder resolutions—can influence ...

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Integrity Worth More Than Profit

Author Larry Burkett writes:

[An] antique dealer [named] Roy bought what he thought might be Jefferson's desk, which disappeared during the Civil War. ...

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Doing Business God's Way

Truett Cathy has answered the question "What would Jesus do?" The founder of Chick-fil-A restaurants is a successful businessman, but for many, ...

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Company President Misses Opportunity

After my first year at Stanford Business School, I went to see Jim Levy, then-president of Activision, Inc., which, at the time, was arguably one of the ...

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Bill Gates Welcomes Hard Truth

In Business @ the Speed of Thought, Bill Gates, former CEO of Microsoft, writes:

A good e-mail system ensures that bad news can travel fast, but your people ...

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Where's Everyone Going, Anyway?

Hamsters in cages run the rat race. They get in their wheels and run nine thousand miles, but never get anywhere. And it can be like that in the church: ...

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Growing the Wrong Direction?

[American Christianity] is more Petrine than Johannean; more like busy Martha than like the pensive Mary, sitting at the feet of Jesus. It expands more ...

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101 Duties and God

What will it mean in practice for me to put God first? This much at least. The 101 things I have to do each day and the 101 demands on me which I know ...

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