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Sermon Illustrations about Boys

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Boys to help bring your sermon to life.

Girls Who Are Bullies

Girls, according to a 2006 Clemson University study, are nearly twice as likely to bully or be bullied electronically than boys [bullying by way of personal ...

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"Facing the Giants": Son Confesses to His Father

Facing the Giants is about the faith of a high school football coach and how he uses biblical principles to motivate and inspire his team to play winning ...

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Child Demonstrates Generosity with Candy

Kevin Harney tells the following story in his book, Seismic Shifts:

Years ago, a little boy named Dustin entered the Smarties stage of life. It might not ...

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The Best Gift a Father Can Give

Michael Reagan received many gifts from his father, President Ronald Reagan. But at the 40th President's sunset funeral, Michael described the greatest ...

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Troubled Children Missed Father's Blessing

What is our country's biggest problem? A lack of a father's blessing. The FBI studied the 17 kids who shot their classmates in towns like Paducah, Kentucky; ...

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Why Fathers Have Gray Hair

A father passed by his son's bedroom and was astonished to see the bed nicely made up and everything neat and tidy. Then he saw an envelope propped up ...

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Siblings Pass On Negative Behavior

On the whole, siblings pass on dangerous habits to one another in a depressingly predictable way. A girl with an older, pregnant teenage sister is four ...

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Child Ballplayer Rewarded for Integrity

Seven-year-old first baseman Tanner Munsey never thought he'd end up in Sports Illustrated, but he did. While playing T-Ball in Wellington, Florida, ...

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Violent Video Games Create Efficient Killers

David Grossman, a retired Army psychologist, believes that violent video games are teaching our kids to kill. Grossman first became aware of this issue ...

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Dr. Laura Affirms Differences Between Men and Women

Well, the fact is, men and women are different physically, psychologically, motivationally, and temperamentally. Anyone who has had exposure to babies ...

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