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Sermon Illustrations about Boys

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Boys to help bring your sermon to life.

Pastor Reflects on His "Mama's" Love and Prayers

E. V. (Ed) Hill, who pastored Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles, tells the story of how "Mama's" love and prayers changed his life. During ...

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Research Reveals That Single Young Men Need Worthy Goals

According to recent statistics, single young men are wandering in a prolonged phase of immaturity and irresponsibility. Researcher Kay S. Hymowitz claims ...

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Ten-year-old Raises Money for House

By the time Jackson Rogers turned ten years old, he had already built a house—not with hammer and nails, but by raising $43,000 for Habitat for ...

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Father's Discipline and Kiss Changes Son

Editor's Note: On March 10, 2008, we published the following story as an "Editor's Choice" illustration. The story had a number of errors in it, and we ...

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Most Families Eat Meals Together

A recent study by Harris Interactive found that most adults who have children under 18 share a meal together several times a week:

  • Forty-seven percent share 5–6 meals together as a family.

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Decline in Two-parent Homes

According to the National Fatherhood Initiative, the percentage of children younger than 18 who live with two parents was down from 88 percent in 1960 ...

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Family Brings Happiness

What makes someone between the ages of 13 and 24 happy is not what you might think, according to an extensive survey conducted by the Associated Press ...

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Boys Doing Better in Social and Academic Circles

Research collected by the Federal Interagency Forum on Child and Family Statistics and the National Center for Education Statistics shows boys have improved ...

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Campus Counselor Shares Professional Frustrations

In the 2006 book Unprotected, an anonymous campus psychiatrist writes:

Radical politics pervades my profession, and common sense has vanished. Dangerous ...

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Kids Peacefully Demand Menu Change

After reading the children's book Frindel—which tells the story of a little boy organizing a boycott of the school cafeteria—students at William ...

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