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Sermon Illustrations about Balance

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Balance to help bring your sermon to life.

How to Nap Like a Pro

A good night's sleep does a body good (see what I did there?). But evidence is growing that napping is also a very important discipline."… ...

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Our Overwork Has a Steep Price Tag

Americans are working longer weeks than ever. The Center for American Progress reports that 86 percent of men and 67 percent of women now work more than ...

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The Secret to Effective Tightrope Walking

There's a special word for those tightrope walkers who display amazing feats of balance on a high wire—they're called funambulists. In his book ...

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Lack of Rest Causes Spike in Athlete Injuries

In 2013 The New York Daily News reported that many orthopedic surgeons have noticed a disturbing trend—a serious spike in debilitating knee injuries ...

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The Rise in Injuries Due to Distracted Pedestrians

Reports of injuries to distracted walkers treated at hospital emergency rooms have more than quadrupled in the past seven years. About 1,152 people were ...

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Medieval Peasants Had More Vacation Time than Many of Us

Life for a medieval peasant was no picnic. His life was shadowed by fear of famine, disease, and bursts of warfare. But you might envy him for one ...

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Extreme Marathoner Learns to Accept Limits

In 2011, a South African pastor and seasoned marathoner nicknamed "JVR" decided to run 100 miles with three other running mates as a means for recruiting ...

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Too Many Vitamins Can Harm Your Body

Your mom made you take your vitamins. Without vitamins, your body would develop skeletal defects, eye impairments, dermatitis, anemia—in essence, ...

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The Stress of Work-Life Imbalance

There's no doubt about it, Americans work hard—or at least they work a lot. An extensive study from 2010 explored the impact of our work habits ...

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You Must Have Roots to Provide Shade

In his book Sensing Jesus, Zack Eswine shares about a time of intense busyness and over-commitment. Many people tried to get his attention, but he refused ...

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