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Sermon Illustrations about Balance

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Balance to help bring your sermon to life.

Olympian Runner Shares One Secret to His Success—Rest

Bernard Lagat knows a lot about long-distance running. Lagat, a Kenyan-born citizen of the U.S., is a four-time Olympian. He owns seven American records, ...

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Farmers Need to Pause and Sharpen Their Blades

Once, when my wife, Gail, and I were hiking the high meadows of the Swiss Alps, we saw two farmers cutting the high-standing mountain grasses with scythes, ...

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The Adrenaline "High" of Ministry Becomes a Dangerous Iceberg

The book God in a Brothel recounts the stories of investigator Dan Walker's ministry to infiltrate brothels and free young women and children trapped ...

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Boy Forgets How to Stop His Bike; Father Learns to Slow Down

Keith Meyer writes in “Whole Life Transformation”:

[My son] Kyle had mastered riding [a bicycle] with training wheels and was eager to try ...

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The Woman Who Can't Forget

While it is often acknowledged that only God can truly forget as he forgives, one California woman has taken this axiom to a new level: She can remember ...

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Working to Death

Sherman James, an epidemiologist [someone who researches epidemic diseases] at the University of Michigan, describes a personality type named John Henryism. ...

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Idol of Exhaustion

I do not mean to make an idol of health, but it does seem to me that at least some of us have made an idol of exhaustion. The only time we know we have ...

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Where's Everyone Going, Anyway?

Hamsters in cages run the rat race. They get in their wheels and run nine thousand miles, but never get anywhere. And it can be like that in the church: ...

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Women in Tune with God

Even the woman who is in tune with God's leading will struggle to maintain a balanced life. There are going to be times when each of us is out of ...

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Reasons for Thanks

This Thanksgiving I'm thankful ... That there aren't twice as many Congressman and half as many doctors. That grass doesn't grow through snow, ...

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