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Sermon Illustrations about Attention

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Attention to help bring your sermon to life.

A Tale of Two Safari Guides

Twice I've visited heaven, or close to it: the Masai Mara, perhaps the greatest wildlife preserve in the world. The Masai Mara is part of the vast grasslands ...

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Living Life with Eyes Wide Open

We had an incident while Jet Skiing off the coast of Wellington [during our family vacation to New Zealand]. I had taken the Skis out by myself for a ...

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Medical Student Learns Valuable Lesson

In his book Better: A Surgeon's Notes on Performance, Atul Gawande recalls a patient he encountered during his final year of medical school. The older ...

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Quickly Versus Deeply

Larry McMurtry, known for his [book] Lonesome Dove, wrote another book about roads—the many roads he had driven on and the hundreds of miles he ...

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Bluegills Used As Early Detectors of Toxins

A new, highly efficient system is being used by San Francisco and New York City to detect the presence of toxins in a city's water supply, a possible ...

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Paralyzed by Things to Do

In a day when so many things and people vie for our attention, we can experience a paralysis of personal energy. John Maxwell explains this "frozen ...

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Distracted Dads

Recently, I saw a hilarious clip on one of those "funniest home video" programs. It was a wedding video shot from the back of the church looking ...

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The Ears Have It

In Character Forged from Conflict, Gary Preston writes:

Back when the telegraph was the fastest means of long-distance communication, there was a story, ...

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Standing at Judgment

Our student body settled down for another session of daydreaming as our college president launched into one of his weekly Monday morning messages. Though ...

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The Highlands of Holiness

When an observatory is about to be built, the site selected is always on some high mountain. The aim is to find a place where there is a clear, unobstructed ...

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