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Woman Follows Her GPS 900 Miles Off-course

In January 2013, Sabine Moreau, a 67-year-old Belgian woman, was driving to pick up a friend in Brussels, about 90 miles from her home. But based on the faulty directions she got from her GPS, she drove all the way to Croatia—nearly 1,000 miles away. The journey took the woman across five international borders. She stopped several times to get gas and take naps, but she kept pressing onward until she hit Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.

After a few days her son got worried and called the police, who located Sabine by following her bank statements. She told a Belgian reporter, "I was distracted, so I kept going. I saw all kinds of signs, first in French, then in German, and finally in Croatian, but I continued driving because I was distracted. When I passed Zagreb, I told myself I should turn around."

Possible Preaching Angles: (1) Distractions; Spiritual Disciplines—This story shows how easily we get distracted in our walk with Christ and we need to practice spiritual disciplines; (2) Disobedience; Repentance—This is a great illustration of the need for repentance, which of course literally means "to turn around."

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