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Sermon Illustrations about Advertising

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Advertising to help bring your sermon to life.

Young Girl Uses Sleeping Mother's Thumbprint for Christmas Shopping Spree

Advances in mobile technology have drastically improved security on the smartphones most people carry these days. In fact, it seems that a majority of ...

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Kindergartners Identify Common Brand Logos

Christian author and speaker Skye Jethani wrote about his kindergarten-aged daughter's homework assignment: Help your child identify as many logos as ...

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Children Prefer Food Covered in McDonald's Wrapper

In a study included in the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine children were shown to overwhelmingly prefer the taste of food that comes in McDonald's ...

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Media Images Propel Women into Body Hatred

The average woman in America sees about 3,000 ads each day—many of which send messages about what the "ideal" female body should look like. But ...

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Warning Label from Football Helmet Makers

Schutt Sports, a major supplier of football helmets for the National Football League, issues the following warning label on all their helmets and on their ...

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Dead Giveaway

You can tell the ideals of a nation by its advertisements.

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More Than an Economic High

Our whole society ... is focused on the celebration of Christmas. With the excessive commercialism which begins in our country immediately after Halloween ...

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The Pattern of Bethlehem

At Christmas we say much of the meaning of His coming to earth, the mission, the message, but we sometimes overlook the manner of his Advent. God set ...

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Pastor's Prayer

Lord, as a pastor sometimes I feel like I'm in sales and promotion. Help me remember that the idea, at the heart of it all, is not to "get" ...

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Modern Man Is Dead

A man sits in front of a bad television program and doesn't know that he is bored; he joins the rat race of commerce, where personal worth is measured ...

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